Monday January 27, 2020

As you’re opening the cottage, check & report damage due to high water levels to the CEWF

The spring runoff of 2016 resulted in reservoir levels higher than normal on many lakes in the Gull and Southeast reservoir drainage basins.  In most cases, ice was still on the lakes at the time water levels were at their maximum.  This was the result of March rainfall which was more than double the monthly […]

Your shoreline evaluation report will arrive soon!

Did you know that the spring cottage season started in 2015 with one of the largest initiatives every undertaken by your Association?   A shoreline evaluation study was undertaken of our three lakes and the Kennisis river. During June 2015, trained staff traveled by boat to evaluate each property and prepared shoreline property reports tailored for each shoreline property […]

A letter from our Reeve about flooding this spring

Dear Lake Friends, This note covers the two watersheds in Algonquin Highlands. I’m sure you’re aware that we’ve had some significant weather here in the Highlands. We had 80mm of rain over 4 days and then a reprieve until the last two days when it rained steadily. In anticipation of the second storm, TSW took […]