Monday January 27, 2020

“Most of the cottagers were once tourists”… except for Garth Mole’s family

Garth Mole is so much a “local” of the Hawk and Hall’s Lake area that he goes back three generations. The family were some of the first property owners in the area. His great grandfather purchased, sight-unseen, 1500 acres of land for $1500.00. This property included a mile of shoreline on Hall’s Lake. His great-grandmother Sarah Welch […]

Government House, Big Hawk Lake

Contributor: Joan Hamilton If you have ever paddled from Sherbourne Lake or even Little Hawk Lake towards the landing at Big Hawk, you may have had the same thought as John Logan did in 1972, wondering who owned the big old house at the end of the lake. He was on a canoe trip with […]

Wanted: YOUR cottage story!

Does your cottage have a story? Of course it does!  We all relate the past to friends and family who visit our cottages. How did you come to own your cottage? How long has it been in your family? What are the changes that have happened over the years? What are the stories that you […]