Friday February 28, 2020

The science of our lakes – water quality analysis from our Lake Partner Program

Debbie Balika, a local biologist and former HHLPOA director, has done an analysis of water transparency and phosphorus content for us (see the attached slides).  Why are these important to cottagers?  Water transparency is monitored periodically throughout the spring, summer and fall as an early indicator of algal blooms or the presence of invasive species.  […]

A Guide to Maintaining and Conserving Drains (Open Ditches) and Fish Habitat

This primer is a guide to provide information for a variety of groups in Ontario. For farmers and municipalities (and cottagers), this primer will assist in finding ways to maintain the effectiveness of open drains while limiting the impact on the local environment. For the general public, the primer explains the necessity of open drains […]

A Guide to Understanding Freshwater Fish Habitat

Why should we care about a fish’s world? Well, because fish are more than an important source of recreation and commercial revenue. They are key players in the complex aquatic balancing act that keeps our rivers and lakes healthy and our ecosystems strong. Yet most of us do not have the faintest clue where in […]