Tuesday December 10, 2019

What you need to know about Boating Requirements

BOATING REQUIREMENTS The documents and equipment for your boat may be more comprehensive than you are aware. Here is a summary of what is required. This is information we obtained from Transport Canada, and is accurate to the best of our knowledge. However, you should visit the link at the bottom of this article or […]

Have You Seen Any of these Critters or Plants?

Learn more about all the Species at Risk in Haliburton County, including special presentations on Eastern Hog-nosed Snake and Five-lined Skink.  Report your sightings or any bird calls you hear! Contact: Paul Heaven, Wildlife Biologist, Glenside Ecological Services Ltd. Tel: 705-286-3181 / Email: pheaven@glenside-eco.ca Summer Info Sessions | Attend one of the following workshops: July […]

A Cottager’s Guide to Waterfront Friendly Docks

It is part of the waterfront experience…sitting on your dock watching the sun set and having a place to tie up your canoe or motor boat. Perhaps your shoreline already has a dock but it is badly in need of repair, or perhaps you do not have a dock and would like to add one […]

A Cottager’s Guide to a Healthy Waterfront

For many cottagers and other waterfront residents, the quiet spot by the lake is a little bit of paradise where we can relax, play, and enjoy being closer to nature. But it is a special place for another reason too. The zone where the water meets the land is the richest natural environment that most […]

A Guide to Maintaining and Conserving Drains (Open Ditches) and Fish Habitat

This primer is a guide to provide information for a variety of groups in Ontario. For farmers and municipalities (and cottagers), this primer will assist in finding ways to maintain the effectiveness of open drains while limiting the impact on the local environment. For the general public, the primer explains the necessity of open drains […]

A Guide to Understanding Freshwater Fish Habitat

Why should we care about a fish’s world? Well, because fish are more than an important source of recreation and commercial revenue. They are key players in the complex aquatic balancing act that keeps our rivers and lakes healthy and our ecosystems strong. Yet most of us do not have the faintest clue where in […]

A Guide to Identifying and Protecting Ontario’s Baitfishes

Recreational angling is a popular pastime in Ontario – well over one million residents and visitors enjoy angling every year. Angling supports many aspects of the Ontario economy, including the baitfish industry. Many anglers use live bait, including baitfishes. Few anglers probably realize that there are over 65 species of legal baitfishes in Ontario. To […]