Monday January 27, 2020

Abandoned Dock Program

Over the years it seems that there are more and more docks pulled up on MNR Big Hawk Lake and Little Hawk Lake shorelines that appeared to be abandoned. After 70+ years of seasonal property ownership and enjoyment of our lakes, it makes sense that owners have had to replace docks; things just deteriorate. Most […]

Yes, it’s that happy time again! Cottage opening tips from FOCA

Start the cottage season right, by following these tips: Check your car’s lights, signals, tire pressure and fluids before the trip to the cottage. Assemble a first-aid kit for your cottage and your car. Already got these? Review the contents of the kits, and replace any missing or expired supplies. Review the condition of boats, […]

Canadian tax update – from FOCA

From FOCA (Federation of Ontario Cottager’s Associations): Principle Residence Exemption Update 2016 – The Canada Revenue Agency has recently made changes that can result in the unnecessary payment of capital gains taxes or penalties when your cottage or home is sold or transferred. Find out more here:

Practical Lake Protector Tips from the CHA

We all care about the health of our lakes but who is looking after lake health?  Governments of all stripes are cutting back on the people and programs that used to protect our lakes and give us up to date data on lake health indicators. Lake associations can help fill this void but only if […]

Water quality and what we’re doing about it

Your HHLPOA Water Quality Working Group has been hard at work this summer. We have been able to organize data collection teams on all three lakes. We will continue our participation in the Lake Partner Program (, in addition to performing Dissolved Oxygen testing and implementing an Invasive Species monitoring program provided by the Ontario […]

Invasive species – what to do?

FOCA has some suggestions for prevention of the spread of invasive species in our lakes & in the woods: –       Report a suspected sighting of an invasive species to 1-800-563-7711. –       Participate in the FOCA Lake Association Invasive Species Monitoring Program. –       Use non-invasive plants in your cottage gardens and consult the Grow Me Instead […]

And some tips for those pestered by mosquitos

Environmental Defense has also published a terrific piece regarding insect repellents – see attached.  I’m testing out lavender oil – does anyone else have some tips for non-toxic products?InsectRepellentGuide

Wear sunscreen!

The informative attachment to this post is full of great recommendations for sunscreen use.  And use it we should!  Another great resource is the website SunscreenGuide-6

AGM Presentation from Paul McInnes, Coalition of Haliburton Property Owner’s Associations

Paul MacInnes, President of the CHA, delivered an informative presentation on septic systems and natural shorelines.  His full presentation is attached and you can email him if you want any further information   The action items he suggests for all of us are: 1.  Take the time to watch the “Poop Talk” or “Ribbon” […]

Have you seen this turtle? Do you think it is stinky, sweet or furry?

The turtle featured this week is the Eastern musk turtle otherwise known as the Stinkpot turtle (Sternotherus odoratus). The Stinkpot turtle is one of Ontario’s species at risk. It is one of the smallest turtles found in Ontario. It’s habitat range is from Southern Ontario up to Georgian Bay. This elusive little turtle species spends most […]