Tuesday December 10, 2019

The science of our lakes – water quality analysis from our Lake Partner Program

Debbie Balika, a local biologist and former HHLPOA director, has done an analysis of water transparency and phosphorus content for us (see the attached slides).  Why are these important to cottagers?  Water transparency is monitored periodically throughout the spring, summer and fall as an early indicator of algal blooms or the presence of invasive species.  […]

Water Quality Working Group update

From Debbie Balika: This past weekend the Water Quality Working Group (WQWG) experienced a wet, but successful water quality data collection on each of our lakes. Our data collection included a dissolved oxygen depth profile on each lake.         We also collected plankton (free floating organisms within the water column) samples at 3 […]

Water quality and what we’re doing about it

Your HHLPOA Water Quality Working Group has been hard at work this summer. We have been able to organize data collection teams on all three lakes. We will continue our participation in the Lake Partner Program (http://desc.ca/programs/LPP), in addition to performing Dissolved Oxygen testing and implementing an Invasive Species monitoring program provided by the Ontario […]

Secchi Readings – Measuring our Water Clarity

The Ministry of Environment and Energy (MOEE) monitors Ontario’s recreational lakes in partnership with cottagers and residents. The goal of the Lake Partner Program is to create a valuable, long-term database to evaluate the nutrient status of Ontario’s inland lakes. The lakes’ nutrient status will reflect land use changes in the watershed and assist in […]