Monday January 27, 2020

Shoreline Advisors Available on Halls Lake June 10/11 2017 Weekend

Want to know how to create a healthier shoreline on your waterfront? Are Canada Geese fouling your grassed areas? Concerned about stormwater runoff or septic system nutrients undermining lake water quality? The HHLPOA can help you find some reasonably priced solutions! We’re hosting a visit to Halls Lake by “Natural Edge” Shoreline Advisors from Watersheds […]

As you’re opening the cottage, check & report damage due to high water levels to the CEWF

The spring runoff of 2016 resulted in reservoir levels higher than normal on many lakes in the Gull and Southeast reservoir drainage basins.  In most cases, ice was still on the lakes at the time water levels were at their maximum.  This was the result of March rainfall which was more than double the monthly […]

Your shoreline evaluation report will arrive soon!

Did you know that the spring cottage season started in 2015 with one of the largest initiatives every undertaken by your Association?   A shoreline evaluation study was undertaken of our three lakes and the Kennisis river. During June 2015, trained staff traveled by boat to evaluate each property and prepared shoreline property reports tailored for each shoreline property […]

The science of our lakes – water quality analysis from our Lake Partner Program

Debbie Balika, a local biologist and former HHLPOA director, has done an analysis of water transparency and phosphorus content for us (see the attached slides).  Why are these important to cottagers?  Water transparency is monitored periodically throughout the spring, summer and fall as an early indicator of algal blooms or the presence of invasive species.  […]

Healthy Shorelines 2015 project

The team is working their way around Halls lake, making excellent progress assessing shoreline ecosystems and diversity around all properties.   Hopefully, they will be on the Hawk Lakes towards the end of June as planned.  Expect a report on the general results at our July 5th Annual General Meeting (AGM) at Camp Kawabi.

Water quality and what we’re doing about it

Your HHLPOA Water Quality Working Group has been hard at work this summer. We have been able to organize data collection teams on all three lakes. We will continue our participation in the Lake Partner Program (, in addition to performing Dissolved Oxygen testing and implementing an Invasive Species monitoring program provided by the Ontario […]

Invasive species – what to do?

FOCA has some suggestions for prevention of the spread of invasive species in our lakes & in the woods: –       Report a suspected sighting of an invasive species to 1-800-563-7711. –       Participate in the FOCA Lake Association Invasive Species Monitoring Program. –       Use non-invasive plants in your cottage gardens and consult the Grow Me Instead […]

AGM Presentation from Paul McInnes, Coalition of Haliburton Property Owner’s Associations

Paul MacInnes, President of the CHA, delivered an informative presentation on septic systems and natural shorelines.  His full presentation is attached and you can email him if you want any further information   The action items he suggests for all of us are: 1.  Take the time to watch the “Poop Talk” or “Ribbon” […]

Have you seen this turtle? Do you think it is stinky, sweet or furry?

The turtle featured this week is the Eastern musk turtle otherwise known as the Stinkpot turtle (Sternotherus odoratus). The Stinkpot turtle is one of Ontario’s species at risk. It is one of the smallest turtles found in Ontario. It’s habitat range is from Southern Ontario up to Georgian Bay. This elusive little turtle species spends most […]

Invasive Species, and Recreational Boating

Invasive Species, and Recreational Boating Waterfront property owners have a role to play in keeping their shorelines healthy. Preventing the sprerad of invading species is an important step. This video provides practical information for anyone in Ontario seeking to use best practices on their waterfront. Please view this information video by the The Federation of […]