Monday January 27, 2020

Ol’ Buttermilk Falls

Sometimes when you are researching a place, a small clue like a blank envelope starts the search. This envelope was donated by Joyce Mino to the Stanhope Heritage Discovery Museum Collection, but it’s all the information that the museum had on this lodge, that was obviously a part of Halls Lake at one time. Questions […]

Roots go back 100 years for this Pinch Family member

Written by Joan Hamilton So what is it that brings the Pinch family to Little Hawk Lake as early as 1919? And what is it that keeps some of the Pinch family members coming back or longing to do so?  Elsie Adelaide (Pinch ) Gilson and her extended family all seem to have such fond […]

What would it be like to be one of the first non-indigenous women who lived and loved in the Algonquin Highlands?

First of all imagine that your parents have come from Wales and settled on what had ‘perhaps the best agricultural potential’ in the area.   In fact you were a three week old baby when you came to Canada and Stanhope Township is the only land you know.  To be specific this land was on the […]

Driftwood: More than a piece of our past

Some Little Hawk Lakers may be old enough to remember the creatures that were fashioned out of driftwood that used to stand in front of Warren Pinch’s “Fisherman’s Paradise” on Little Hawk Lake, at the end of the road and opposite what is now Oakview Lodge.  My own fascination with driftwood comes from my years […]

The best place on the planet

written by Neil McGregor and edited by Joan Hamilton I first came to the Hawk Lakes in the early 1950’s.  Prior to that time my parents and extended family had rented a cottage on Shadow Lake. In the early 1950’s my parents purchased a lot on Big Hawk Lake on the west side of Scott’s […]

Recollections From Summers at Halls Lake

Written by Bob Mills My name is Bob Mills. I was born January 1940 and have been spending summers at Halls Lake every year. These recollections and stories are just a small part of our family history. It all began when my grandparents David and Alma Hyslop bought 1500 feet of waterfront  on the south […]

Hawk Lake: The very, very, early times

The early history of Hawk Lake is shrouded in the mystery of time. Legend has it the indigenous peoples had a silver mine near the lake. An early trapper befriended an old man who told him about the location of the mine. It was located on a hill overlooking the Lake between two large pine […]

Cottage Lane – The Roy Burney Story

Robert Roy Burney, (known as Roy) was one of two official photographers of the Canadian Avro Arrow, (pictured above). He purchased this piece of crown land in 1954 for $25.00. After the Second World War, the Ontario government encouraged the development of vacation homes in this area. (Even then, much of Muskoka was already developed) […]

Name that lane!

In the 1990’s, Stanhope County along with several other adjacent counties, decided that each property should have a unique designation that would make it possible for emergency vehicles to find a property easily when a ‘911’ call was made.  To that end, each street and laneway had to have a name that would not be […]

The Brereton (originally Higgins) Property

by Mary Brereton In the early 1940’s, a young school principal from Oshawa, named Edwin Higgins, frequently travelled north to the Haliburton area with a buddy and a canoe to fish in the pristine waters of Halls and the Hawk Lakes.  Eventually, the two young men thought it would be great to own property on one […]