Friday May 25, 2018

Highland Cottages: A labour of love on the south side of Halls Lake

By Dorothy (Wallace) McCord Have you ever wondered about Norm Wallace Lane, and how it came to be named this?  I am proud to tell you that Norm Wallace was my father, and together with my mother Violet, built a lovely family resort on the south shore of Halls Lake in the late 1940’s. Their […]

Camp Kawabi: The early years,1955-1965

“Oh the memories, oh the memories”, recalls Nancy (Perry) Caron as she thinks back to the mid 1950’s and early 1960’s. Nancy and her sister Jean Ann (Perry) Lillie still tell stories with great fondness about their younger years when their father Ron Perry purchased Camp Kawabi in late 1954 or early 1955. Ronald H. […]

Roxburgh – The Halls Lake Shoreline Cottage with Three Lives

Built originally on the wrong lot in 1950. Almost destroyed by badly-planned and executed blasting by the Township in 1971. Burned to the ground on the same weekend rebuilding was finally completed in 1982. Clearly this cottage has a history! Buying a cottage before you own a home was not the usual way couples operated […]

The Hollows at Big Hawk Lake

It all started for myself and my parents in August-September 1949 when we trucked in and out of what seemed like every lake in Haliburton County. We had vacationed at Royal View Lodge on Kashagawigamog Lake for several years and my dad didn’t want to return to Toronto in the height of hayfever season so […]

June 2017 Cottage Tale: Big Hawk Bridge Collapse – Sunday May 23, 1976

Joan Hamilton, HHLPOA’s Cottage Tale Editor, wrote the following piece on the bridge collapse.  She notes: This story could not have been written without the many letters and official correspondence that are a part of the Bell archive. With thanks to Barb Bell, Bruce Harris as well as John Hollows. The full piece complete with […]

What, My Parents Bought a Cottage? by Ken Warden

My parents never intended to own a cottage! Too much work they said. Too much like living in the city they said. (We had rented one at Wasaga Beach.) Why live in the wilderness when we have all of the comforts of home right here in the city? How they changed! In the summer of […]

“Most of the cottagers were once tourists”… except for Garth Mole’s family

Garth Mole is so much a “local” of the Hawk and Hall’s Lake area that he goes back three generations. The family were some of the first property owners in the area. His great grandfather purchased, sight-unseen, 1500 acres of land for $1500.00. This property included a mile of shoreline on Hall’s Lake. His great-grandmother Sarah Welch […]

Big Hawk Lake Road

It was in the late 1940’s that land was made available for sale to the general public on Big Hawk Lake following the earlier 40’s and 30’s release of land on Little Hawk Lake.   With the exception of a handful of properties on Little Hawk Lake, all properties on the Hawks were water access. The […]

Government House, Big Hawk Lake

Contributor: Joan Hamilton If you have ever paddled from Sherbourne Lake or even Little Hawk Lake towards the landing at Big Hawk, you may have had the same thought as John Logan did in 1972, wondering who owned the big old house at the end of the lake. He was on a canoe trip with […]

Wanted: YOUR cottage story!

Does your cottage have a story? Of course it does!  We all relate the past to friends and family who visit our cottages. How did you come to own your cottage? How long has it been in your family? What are the changes that have happened over the years? What are the stories that you […]