Wednesday December 19, 2018

Hawk Lake: The very, very, early times

The early history of Hawk Lake is shrouded in the mystery of time. Legend has it the indigenous peoples had a silver mine near the lake. An early trapper befriended an old man who told him about the location of the mine. It was located on a hill overlooking the Lake between two large pine […]

Cottage Lane – The Roy Burney Story

Robert Roy Burney, (known as Roy) was one of two official photographers of the Canadian Avro Arrow, (pictured above). He purchased this piece of crown land in 1954 for $25.00. After the Second World War, the Ontario government encouraged the development of vacation homes in this area. (Even then, much of Muskoka was already developed) […]

Name that lane!

In the 1990’s, Stanhope County along with several other adjacent counties, decided that each property should have a unique designation that would make it possible for emergency vehicles to find a property easily when a ‘911’ call was made.  To that end, each street and laneway had to have a name that would not be […]

The Brereton (originally Higgins) Property

by Mary Brereton In the early 1940’s, a young school principal from Oshawa, named Edwin Higgins, frequently travelled north to the Haliburton area with a buddy and a canoe to fish in the pristine waters of Halls and the Hawk Lakes.  Eventually, the two young men thought it would be great to own property on one […]

‘The Cottage’ by Chad Ingram

Originally published in the Minden Times on May 24, 2018. Republished here with permission from the author. My great-grandfather bought a lot on the eastern shore of Halls Lake in 1932, for five bucks.  He’d been coming to the property for a few years to go fishing. At that time, the car ride to Halls Lake […]

Highland Cottages: A labour of love on the south side of Halls Lake

By Dorothy (Wallace) McCord Have you ever wondered about Norm Wallace Lane, and how it came to be named this?  I am proud to tell you that Norm Wallace was my father, and together with my mother Violet, built a lovely family resort on the south shore of Halls Lake in the late 1940’s. Their […]

Camp Kawabi: The early years,1955-1965

“Oh the memories, oh the memories”, recalls Nancy (Perry) Caron as she thinks back to the mid 1950’s and early 1960’s. Nancy and her sister Jean Ann (Perry) Lillie still tell stories with great fondness about their younger years when their father Ron Perry purchased Camp Kawabi in late 1954 or early 1955. Ronald H. […]

Roxburgh – The Halls Lake Shoreline Cottage with Three Lives

Built originally on the wrong lot in 1950. Almost destroyed by badly-planned and executed blasting by the Township in 1971. Burned to the ground on the same weekend rebuilding was finally completed in 1982. Clearly this cottage has a history! Buying a cottage before you own a home was not the usual way couples operated […]

The Hollows at Big Hawk Lake

It all started for myself and my parents in August-September 1949 when we trucked in and out of what seemed like every lake in Haliburton County. We had vacationed at Royal View Lodge on Kashagawigamog Lake for several years and my dad didn’t want to return to Toronto in the height of hayfever season so […]

June 2017 Cottage Tale: Big Hawk Bridge Collapse – Sunday May 23, 1976

Joan Hamilton, HHLPOA’s Cottage Tale Editor, wrote the following piece on the bridge collapse.  She notes: This story could not have been written without the many letters and official correspondence that are a part of the Bell archive. With thanks to Barb Bell, Bruce Harris as well as John Hollows. The full piece complete with […]