Monday January 27, 2020

General Information

HHLPOA is nearly 60 years old, and has a long history of working for our community.  Much of our focus is on environmental issues, with an aim of maintaining or improving our natural environment and the overall quality of life on our lakes.  To give you an idea, the following is a list of some of the things the Association has done over the years:

  • Monitoring and advocating reasonable lake levels with the Trent Severn Waterway.  This has included participating at public meetings, submitting written materials and submitting an engineering formula; in more recent years, we have supported the Coalition of Equitable Water Flow (CEWF), a group established to work with the TSW on a more equitable solution
  • Annual Regattas (in the 1950’s)
  • Working with the Haliburton Fish Hatchery to establish fish spawning areas
  • Researching the feasibility of individually purchasing Road Allowances (1972)
  • Establishing a positive working relationship with various government agencies and co- sponsoring various projects including development, water signage, etc.
  • Establishing an accurate property numbering system with related maps which were used by municipal governments and emergency response organizations
  • Compiling statistics related to over use of camping areas and promoting what has now become the Land Use Model for recreational lands within the Halls and Hawk watersheds
  • Distributing a semi annual newsletter focussing on environmental concerns and current issues affecting property owners
  • Researching and creating a Lake Plan based on resident participation, which outlined quality of life goals, objectives and action plans
  • Establishing educational programs including Dark Skies events and Summer Symposiums
  • Conducting fundraising events (Silent Auction & Wine & Cheese Social) to assist with the purchase of a fire boat for our lakes
  • Conducting an Annual General Meeting to provide members with up to date information regarding current issues, financial information and Board business

We work with and support a number of other groups, including the Coalition for Equitable Water Flow (CEWF), The Federation of Ontario Cottagers Associations (FOCA), and the Coalition of Haliburton Association (CHA) and participate in various Stewardship workshops, as appropriate.  We are also prepared to take political stands, if the situation warrants.  Our Board meets on a monthly basis via conference call plus 2 additional face-to-face meetings per year.  We are organized to support 5 different themes:  Membership, Education, Lake Stewardship, Communication and Social Programs.

Our Board consists of a group of people who care deeply about our lakes.  They include:

  • Peter Dadzis, President, Big Hawk
  • Mo Jansons, Vice-President, Little Hawk
  • Jon Williams, Treasurer, Little Hawk
  • Rita Dadzis, Secretary, Big Hawk
  • Shelley Fellows, Director, Big Hawk
  • Joan Hamilton, Director, Big Hawk
  • Will L’Heureux, Director, Halls Lake
  • Mo Jansons, Director, Little Hawk
  • Ken Comrie, Director, Little Hawk
  • Matty Burns, Director, Little Hawk
  • Curt Alpeter, Director, Little Hawk
  • Sam Perri, Director, Halls

We also host an Annual General Meeting at each summer at Camp Kawabi on Big Hawk Lake.  Please visit the AGM Webpage for more information.

If you are not already a member, please consider joining our Association.  Click here for our membership form.