Monday January 27, 2020

Director’s Responsibilities

The Board is a working board, not a governance board and is powered by great people. HHLPOA won Cottage Life’s “Our Green Cottager Award of Merit” in 2007 for the work we did for Dark Skies. Directors will play a leadership role by assuming ownership for Board-approved projects and/or key issues. In addition, as committees are established, Directors will assume roles of chairpersons of committees and/or will participate as members of committees. A minimum 2 year commitment is required.

The Board’s planning activities take place from September through January with all plans for the year wrapping up by the end of February. This allows us to publish our Annual Calendar and ensure that our Annual Budget is established and ready for the summer months.

Directors are responsible to:
– Attend and actively participate in monthly meetings either by conference call or in person (located at a Board member’s residence); meetings are generally 2 to 2.5 hours long; continuous absence in meetings could result in a request to step down from the position
– attend the AGM in person, usually the first Sunday in August
– act as an ambassador for the Association
– commit to a minimum of 8-10 hours /month, not necessarily evenly distributed throughout the year
– assist with the recruitment of members
– assist with the recruitment of volunteers
– provide oversight of volunteers for projects or initiatives they are responsible for; additional information and responsibilities regarding volunteers is currently under development
– take ownership for developing and implementing programs and initiatives
– participate in the preparation of the annual program by developing project proposals for the Board which include:
o proposal description
o financial requirements
o resourcing requirements
o advertising/marketing requirements

Directors demonstrate the following characteristics and skills:

– they are passionate about our lakes and our community
– their beliefs are in alignment with the Association’s goals, and in particular our Lake Plan (available on our website)
– they are prepared to schedule time to chip in when arms & legs are needed
– they have leadership and organizational skills
– mostly, they are prepared to roll up their sleeves and make this organization great