Tuesday March 26, 2019

Photo scavenger hunt through paradise

This year we are inviting our HHLPOA members to submit photos for possible inclusion in our next calendar.  A maximum of four jpeg photos can be sent to dianedennisrock@aol.com by December 31st, 2018.

Get creative! What can you find in the Halls-Hawk Lakes Paradise in these categories?

  1. The Best Tree Stump                                                         
  2. The Biggest Tree
  3. An Interesting View of the Sky                            
  4. A Very Relaxing Place
  5. The Funniest Thing You Can Find
  6. Something You Think is a Treasure
  7. A Beautiful Rock
  8. The Best Animal (insects, birds, reptiles etc., no pets in this category)
  9. Your Favourite Water Activity
  10. Something You Think Is Beautiful
  11. A Reflected Image
  12. A Secluded Path

When you email your four photos to dianedennisrock@aol.com please indicate into which of the categories you would like your submissions to be entered.  Some photos may fit into more than one category and that is okay too!  Winners will be notified in January 2019.  Calendars with the winning photos are mailed to all HHLPOA members in March 2019.   

HHLPOA kids photo scavenger hunt

Winners get Kawartha Dairy Ice Cream!

Kids 12 and under are invited to try this! You can work in groups or on your own.

Send only one photo in each category to jm4hamilton@gmail.com by September 3, 2018. Coupons for a 1.5L container of Kawartha Dairy Ice Cream, will be sent to winners by September 30th. Don’t worry the coupon is good for next year if you don’t get back to the cottage.

Try each category

In the subject line of your email, please put the name of the category, for example “Turn a New Leaf”. One photo per
category and one photo per email, please! To jm4hamilton@gmail.com

  1. Turn a New Leaf! How many different kinds of leaves can you put in one photo?
  2. How’s it Feel? Take one collage photo of different things you find on a nature hike or around the cottage. Include in your photo something bumpy; something fuzzy; something smooth; something soft and something rough.
  3. It’s all about Colour! Take one collage photo of different things you find on a nature hike or around the cottage. Include in your photo something red; something yellow; something orange; something green; something blue and something purple. No man-made things allowed!
  4. Beauty in Nature Take one collage photo of all these things: a smooth rock; a weed; a pine cone; moss; a fern; a piece of bark that is not attached to a tree; a twig that you find on the ground that is shaped like a letter and last but not least, some mud.
  5. Best in Class! Take the best photo you can of one of the following things: a spider’s web; a hiding place; an interesting shadow; fungus on a tree; animal tracks; a letter you find in nature – use your imagination!

Many thanks to our sponsor Kawartha Dairy.

Winning coupons are redeemable only at any Kawartha Dairy Outlet.

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