Tuesday March 26, 2019

Your feedback is requested on our proposed updated constitution

Over the winter, the Association executive have been busy with a variety of projects, one of which is the renewal of our Constitution.  It has been many years since an update, although the current document has served us well.  However, times have changed and with the help of our lawyers we have had to include some paragraphs for things such as electronic communication, websites, privacy, auditing, etc.

In the fall we called out for some volunteers to look at the drafting and a couple of people came forward.  Thank you.  This is not very exciting stuff, but unfortunately it is necessary.

At the Annual General Meeting in July, there will be a motion put forward to replace the existing Constitution document with this new version.  We are providing the draft for your perusal and comments, if any.  Please feel free to contact me with an questions, suggestions or edits.

HHLPOA 2018 draft constitution v7

Thanks…….Mo Jansons.        Mo.jansons@icloud.com