Thursday September 20, 2018

CEWF AGM Report Summary

This is a summary of the report submitted to the board of directors of the HHLPOA authored by: Willard L’Heureux

CEWF AGM date: September 9th 2017

Key points covered in the meeting:

Preferred Water Levels
o A detailed report on the preferred water levels based on all the lake associations feedback from the 35 reservoir lakes is available at
o Trent Severn Waterways (TSW) has over 100 dams to manage in the haliburton area and has implemented a real time monitoring system
o The entire system is run on a percentage based draw down schedule.
 5% for Hawk Lake is far more than 5% for Halls
o CEWF is trying to push a more lake tailored draw down model to make it better for us and the environment.
o Looking to have a slower fill schedule in the spring to protect wildlife and docks
o CEWF has a predicted draw down schedule posted on its website.
 Counting logs does not let you know what the water is going to do.

Report on last year’s water management
o Last summer we saw rain for 80 of the 122 days
o No room for water downstream kept our lakes high this summer
o Last spring 9 lakes went to 30 year all time highs
o More than double the water has passed through the system in 2017 over the 2013 flood year in Minden
o It was a challenge to get the lakes to their winter levels
o CEWF has opened better channels for communication between us and the TSW
o In the works: a better flood management platform

TSW Capital Investments
o $700M of federal money going to the TSW over the next 5 years
o $58M has been earmarked for Halliburton lakes
o Completed Jobs Todate:
 Kennisis lake dam replaced
 Little bob and Halls Lake dam repairs
o Jobs underway
 Repairs and replacement of dams at Drag, Horseshoe, 12 Mile and Loon Lakes
o Future Projects
 Rehab Coboconk Dam
 Repairs to Oblong, Redstone Percy and Long Lake Dams