Friday February 28, 2020

Your shoreline evaluation report will arrive soon!

Did you know that the spring cottage season started in 2015 with one of the largest initiatives every undertaken by your Association?   A shoreline evaluation study was undertaken of our three lakes and the Kennisis river.

During June 2015, trained staff traveled by boat to evaluate each property and prepared shoreline property reports tailored for each shoreline property owner. These personalized shoreline property reports were mailed on mailed April 7, 2016. Your report contains a summary of the features observed on your property, with voluntary recommended actions you can take to protect or restore your shoreline. It also explains how these actions can positively contribute to the health of our lakes. Plus, your report contains additional information and contacts on a variety of topics including erosion, docks, septic systems and more!  You have the choice of viewing the report on line, printing a copy at home, or for a fee, having a hard copy mailed to you.

These reports are key to improving watershed health, and maintaining lakes for the benefit of humans and wildlife alike.  We know simple concrete steps will drive the most action and we hope that you all will take a look at the reports and take whatever steps you are able. Once you have reviewed the report, we welcome your feedback, questions or concerns. We remind you that the data collected will not be not used for any regulatory purposes and was performed in conjunction with two charitable organizations:  Watersheds Canada and the Canadian Wildlife Federation.