Saturday February 16, 2019

The Cottage Kit – by Algonquin Highlands

If you rent your cottage on a weekly basis, you know the hassles of trying to manage your landfill cards. There is now a convenient, affordable, simple solution that your renters will appreciate as much as you will.

The Cottage Kit contains everything a person or family renting a cottage needs in order to manage their garbage and recycling for a week. Plus, it includes a one-time Landfill Pass that eliminates the need for a landfill card. No more having to back-track to the cottage to leave the landfill card for the next renters! That leaves more time to enjoy the cottage!

In the Cottage Kit your renters will also find, a Welcome letter providing a quick overview of our waste management programs, which may be a bit different from what they’re used to at home 1 clear plastic bag for household garbage 2 clear blue plastic bags for recyclable containers 1 large paper bag for recycling fibres/papers The Haliburton County Recycling Guide A map showing the location of the landfill sites/recycling centres Landfill/recycling depot hours of operation Disposal fees and what materials are accepted where Information on our “Big Red” battery recycling program, and an MNR Bearwise Fact Sheet “Don’t invite bears to the cottage”.

Available for purchase at the Township offices in Stanhope and Dorset, plus from the attendant at each landfill site.
Leave a Cottage Kit for each renter and never worry again about whether the landfill card has been returned for the next person.

For more information on the Cottage Kit or to order large quantities contact Gayle Short, Waste Reduction Coordinator, at 705-489-2379.
Township of Algonquin Highlands • 1123 North Shore Rd. • • 705-489-2379
A great alternative to managing
LANDFILL CARDS at rental properties