Saturday February 16, 2019

Muir Subdivision Development on Kennisis River

Update on “Muir” Subdivision Development Proposal on Kennisis River.  This material is a summary of WHAT WE KNOW at this point.

The Original Plan

In 1992, the Ministry of Municipal Affairs (MMA) approved a plan of subdivision for a development on the Kennisis River involving the creation of some 21 lots of varying sizes with frontages ranging from 43m to 109m, on a 27.8ha parcel of land.

The property is located along the eastern shoreline of the Kennisis River, north of County Road No. 13, about 4km east of Hall’s Lake.  It’s currently vacant, largely forested with three large wetland areas, two in the northeast portion of the property and a third along the river in the lower central portion.  There are two tributaries to the Kennisis River associated with the two northern wetland areas. An existing logging road runs parallel to the shoreline which is rocky and forested up to the water’s edge, with the exception of the central wetland area.

Here’s a map identifying the location of the land in question.

Location of Muir Subdivision

The 1992 planning approval was subject to 20 or so conditions set down by the MMA including:

  • The road in the subdivision to be construction and named to the Township’s satisfaction and deeded  to the Township, with 1 foot reserves to control access;
  • Access to the road from County Road No. 13 is to be secured;
  • 5% parkland dedication or cash-in-lieu;
  • The lands be appropriately zoned for the intended residential use and the area within 30m of the high water mark and Blocks 22, 23 and 25 be zoned “Environmental Protection”;
  • Appropriate easements for drainage and utilities be granted;
  • A drainage and erosion control plan be prepared;
  • A subdivision agreement be entered into with the Township and registered on title respecting the construction of the road, finances, drainage, inclusion of warning clauses related to in-water works, maintenance of vegetation within Environmental Protection areas, implementation of the drainage, erosion and hydrogeological reports, and drilling of wells prior to building permits being issued; and,
  • Preparation of site plans for each of the lots.

The Revised Plan

 Since 2007, the Township has been in discussions with the owner of the property, Ms Dawn Muir, and a revised plan of subdivision has been prepared based on the results of the Site Evaluation Report and current planning policies.  The revised plan reduces the number of lots from 21 to 18, with each lot having a water frontage in excess of 60m.  It also identifies “building envelopes” on each of the proposed lots, delineating the wetland boundaries on the property based on the results of the Site Evaluation Report.  The revised plan also identifies the 30m setback line from the high water mark and wetland features which was an original condition of the draft approval.

However, the building envelopes identified on the individual lots do not appear to correspond to the 30m setback rule and the Township Planner has indicated that will need to be changed.

Where We Go From Here

The Township Planner’s November 24, 2011 report contains a number of options regarding the future ownership of three wetland blocks within the subdivision boundaries.  Council asked for more information on this issue and the Planner will be reporting back on February 2nd.   HHLPOA reps will be at that meeting and will report what transpires to members via another web posting.

This development raises a number of important issues that the HHLPOA is paying very close attention to.

In the meantime, members interested in obtaining further information can find the November 24, 2011 Planning Report at the following address (pages 23 to 30):