Saturday February 16, 2019

Buttermilk Falls Hydroelectric Project Update

Following our learning of the interest by Technology in Action in possibly developing a hydroelectric generating facility at Buttermilk Falls, the Association contacted federal, provincial and Algonquin Highlands government representatives indicating our interest in being involved in any process launched to develop this site.

In our various correspondence, we pointed out that at this time we neither support nor oppose such a project. Rather we are interested in ensuring that should such a project proceed, we want to ensure that the property owners on the lakes are not adversely affected.

To date, we have received replies from various departments and politicians from the federal and provincial governments. In each case, they have indicated that Technology in Action has not contacted them. We have also been advised that we will be kept informed of any new developments.

As and when we are provided new information, we will be providing that to our members on this site.