Monday May 27, 2019

Proposed Hydro Project at Buttermilk Falls

An article recently appeared in the Minden Times describing a proposed hydro project at Buttermilk Falls.  This article is attached so you can read the details, however the Association Board has met to discuss the situation.  We have decided to form a sub-committee, led by Rick Ronchka, to ensure we have focus on this project and work to ensure that we are viewed as a stakeholder that will provide input into the project.  We have contacted the individual who is driving the project and obtained some additional background information.  In addition, we have contacted the Association on Boshkung Lake and have agreed with them that as information becomes available, we will work together on our common concerns and interests.  We have also written letters to several members of parliament, both Federal and Provincial requesting participating in the process.  We expect this will be a slow and complex process, however we are committed to remaining involved and to providing you with information when it becomes available.  To this end, we will be assessing the need to create a new tab on our website dedicated to this issue.

Attached for you is the article which appeared in Minden Times and a copy of the letter and recipients which we have sent.

Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.

More pictures of Buttermilk Falls