Monday May 27, 2019

Your Property, Your Heritage, Your Dreams = Your Vote Matters

Provided by The Coalition of Haliburton Property Owners Associations

Cottagers come north to relax and unwind from the pressures of city life.  They typically stay  close to the cottage except for trips to town for supplies and entertainment.  Many of us don’t really want to get involved in local politics and issues that don’t directly affect us and our cottages.  But the reality is we are affected.   Decisions made at the municipal level affect our taxes, development in our neighbourhood or lake and the services we pay for.

The local councils that will be elected this October 25th will wrestle with some very important issues that will directly affect all property owners in the 4 municipalities within Haliburton County.

  • Increased financial pressures could mean higher property taxes
  • New Development pressures are increasing around our lakes
  • Lake Plans – will the municipalities respect them

Lake Area Property Owners pay the majority
of the taxes and have the most invested. 

Protect your Money – Vote

Municipal councils can have more impact on your life than your Provincial MPP or Federal MP.

If you own or rent property in your municipality you and your spouse can and should vote in the October 25th election

Since 2000, all voters are mailed a ballot to the address indicated on the property tax roll.  You can vote if you meet these requirements:

  • Canadian citizen
  • 18 years of age or older
  • Property owner, spouse of owner, tenant in the municipality

Here is what to do

  • After July 31st check  with your town clerk to ensure you and your spouse are on the voters list
    • Dysart – (705) 457-1740
    • Algonquin Highlands – (705)-489-2379
    • Minden Hills – (705) 286-1260
    • Highlands East – (705)-448-2981
  • Make sure your ballot arrives by mail – they are to be mailed to you the week of September 27th
  • When your ballot arrives, duly fill in the ballot according to its directions and return via mail by October 16th

During the last election in 2006, less than 40% of eligible voters cast ballots.

We cannot drive change without the support of Lake Area Voters.

Speak Up – Protect Your Investment – Vote