Monday October 15, 2018

A Cottager’s Guide to Waterfront Friendly Docks

Dock Primer (DFO, Canada)It is part of the waterfront experience…sitting on your dock watching the sun set and having a place to tie up your canoe or motor boat. Perhaps your shoreline already has a dock but it is badly in need of repair, or perhaps you do not have a dock and would like to add one to your waterfront. For whatever reason, you may be thinking of building or replacing a dock along your shoreline.

Building a residential dock is not a difficult process. In fact, constructing a dock can be easy when you know what factors to consider and you are prepared with some basic information. Fortunately, building a safe and stable dock is only a little more difficult than building a bad one, and with the right design, you can have a dock that meets your waterfront needs while minimizing impacts to fish habitat. This primer points both the confirmed do-it-yourselfer and the equally confirmed purchase-it-yourselfer in the direction of good docks and good dockbuilding practices. It also explains how to avoid some potentially damaging and costly errors. For the full scoop on docks – including plans and full construction techniques – check out additional references or consult experts to get youstarted.

For more information on the Waterfront Friendly Dock Primer please visit the Department of Fisheries and Oceans.