Saturday February 16, 2019

Letter published in the Haliburton County Voice

Originally published in the Haliburton County Voice, November 19, 2009, Page 5

To The Editor, County Voice, Haliburton

As Vice-President of Halls Hawk Lakes Property Owners Association (HHLPOA), I am writing in response to your recent articles regarding Roger Young’s comments on Parks Canada’s plans for the TSW.

For many decades HHLPOA has voiced concerns with the TSW over the management of water levels in the reservoir lakes.  Those concerns have consistently fallen on deaf ears.  When the Government commissioned a Panel to investigate and develop recommendations for the management of the TSW, the HHLPOA determined that the approach was sound, exhaustive and inclusive.   It was our expectation  that the recommendations would provide an equitable solution to the many challenges of managing such an important and critical part of our environment and we looked forward to the results.  To ensure our perspective was considered, we joined CEWF and have been a strong supporter of their efforts.  The report did not disappoint.  Indeed, when the Panel’s report It’s All About the Water was finally published, one of the key recommendations called for the establishment of a Independent Water Management Agency.  Our Association viewed this as a very positive step towards ensuring that the watershed would be managed with a view to sustainability and that all stakeholders’ perspectives would be considered rather than the historical but narrow view of managing the canal  and dismissing the needs of a large and diverse stakeholder population.

It appears now that our elected officials have wasted millions of taxpayers dollars.  To say that we are disappointed in Parks Canada’s plans would be a gross understatement of our feelings.  Once again the reservoir lakes appear to have been marginalized and the comprehensive management of the entire watershed by a body charged to do so with all stakeholders at the table has been lost.  In this day of global warming and growing recognition of how very important it is to manage our water effectively, it is hard to believe that the people to whom we have entrusted this resource can be so short sighted.  

It is not acceptable to this Association to have a myopic and self serving view of “waterway”  as reflected in Parks Canada’s plans.   A comprehensive view of “watershed” as recommended in the Panel’s report is critical to ensuring that all stakeholders needs are taken into consideration.   

Carole Russell, Vice President, Halls Hawk Lakes Property Owners Association